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Canada is ranked as one of the three best countries in education in the world according to the PISA study by OCDE


Passion for life-long learning

During early childhood children learn thru active participation, play, and psychomotor activities, contact with nature, books, and experimentation. By the end of preschool students will be bilingual, as in their early years they will learn a second mother language as they learn their first mother language, thanks to the total English immersion system.

Little Toddler  - 100% English (walking one year old)
Toddler  - 100% English (two years old to December 31st)
Nursery - 100% English (three years old to December 31st)
Junior Kindergarten - 100% English (four years old to December 31st)
Senior Kindergarten  - 75% English 25% Spanish (five years old to December 31st)

At Maple Bear Santa Fe students discover learning as an enjoyable experience, generating a natural interest for learning. From the beginning Maple Bear emphasize research and problem solving, "living education" and development of brain skills. That means students acquired a strong base for effective learning during the rest of their studies and life. PISA study results endorse our educational program. Team work, active participation, respect, learning thru their own and others’ opinions, listening and being listened to, sports, respect for nature, and artistic activities result in values for a living side by side with others in a healthy way. Maple Bear students can also participate in our Summer Camps and during the last years of Elementary they could take part in a Summer Camp in Canada. During the six years of Elementary education they will continue to acquire English and Spanish.                                           

Elementary - 50% English - 50% Spanish (six years old to December 31st)

Extensive after school program 
As part of the integrated education that Maple Bear Santa Fe offers and as support for working parents,
we offer an extended program.

This program offers:
Meal service 
Dance - harmonic motion
Amusing and formative activities.

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Telephones 5016-1010 and 2163-0688

Small beginnings deserve the opportunity to attain greatness.

KINDERGARTEN: Cda. Tejocote #21 Col.Contadero C.P.05500  Tel. 5016-1010 
ELEMENTARY: Cedros #1 Esq. Piñón Col. San José de los Cedros C.P. 05200  Tel. 2163 0688
  Del.Cuajimalpa     México, D.F.    
Maple Bear Santa Fe Canadian School

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